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NOM-Rhode Island Critiques New Civil Union Legislation in Rhode Island

Contact:  Chris Plante, Executive Director (401-954-71731; cplante@nationformarriage.org)
May 4, 2011

“This bill is an engraved invitation for the courts to impose same-sex marriage.”
-Chris Plante, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island -

PROVIDENCE - The National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island (NOM-RI) completely rejects as unacceptable legislation introduced Tuesday in the RI House of Representatives that would legalize civil-unions.  House Bill 6103 makes no effort to protect marriage between one man and one woman, is restricted to same-sex couples, contains the weakest religious liberties protection language possible, and provides a mechanism for same-sex divorce.  “This bill is an engraved invitation the courts to impose same-sex marriage.  HB 6103 fails to protect, indeed, invites the courts to strike down marriage, and offers no realistic religious liberty protection for religious charities, schools, organizations, or for small business owners,” stated Chris Plante, executive director of NOM-RI.

“Like similar legislation enacted in Connecticut and California, the proposed civil union legislation is nothing more than a Trojan Horse that will usher in same-sex marriage sooner rather than later,” stated Plante.  “NOM – Rhode Island urges those legislators who bravely stood strong for marriage between one man and one woman in defeating same-sex marriage legislation last week to recognize this bill for what it is – a clear path for the courts to redefine marriage without the vote of the people.”

Further, NOM – Rhode Island will once again begin to equip, educate, and empower the grassroots network that defeated gay-marriage last week.  At the same time, NOM – RI will work closely with Rhode Island’s faith communities to strengthen their voice in the public square in opposition to thinly veiled legislation.  “As in the gay marriage debate, the voices of the people of Rhode Island will be heard loud and clear by members of the House Judiciary Committee and individual Representatives.  Rhode Islanders made it clear that they do not want same-sex marriage and when they see this bill for what it really is – a backdoor attempt to pave the way for redefining marriage – Rhode Island voters will again carry the day,” continued Plante.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Christopher Plante, executive director of NOM-Rhode Island, contact Elizabeth Ray (x.130) or Mary Beth Hutchins (x.105) at 703-683-5004 or via e-mail at eray@crcpublicrelations.com or mhutchins@crcpublicrelations.com


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