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The Tide is Shifting in Rhode Island

As newpatriotsblog.com points out, same-sex marriage activists are beginning to shoot their own movement in the foot due to recent tactics they’re taking.  It’s no surprise that some Rhode Island senators might be getting upset at the abuse they receive for voicing concern over same-sex marriage legislation.

The rhetoric of same-sex marriage activists is beginning to show their movement for what it really is, and people do not like what they are seeing.  Personal and often libelous attacks are being leveled at any and all voices of descent.  In the aftermath of these attacks, the pro-family argument is gaining a lot of momentum.

The people of Rhode Island are beginning to question whether or not children are being done a disservice by being brought up in same-sex households.  And people are also beginning to question the use of the word “equality” when it comes to redefining marriage.

The article above from newpatriotsblog.com details the efforts of the pro-family movement in Rhode Island.  When weighed against the antics of those who seek to redefine marriage, people begin to see that defenders of traditional marriage are reasonable, respectful and passionate about doing what’s best for American families.

The tide is shifting, Rhode Island.  Continue to be the hope of the nation by supporting family in the face of abusive conduct.  Don’t let same-sex marriage activists hijack your opinion.

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