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Why Secular Society Should Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage (SSM) activists frequently attack religion as the source of their unfounded and libelous “bigotry” and “homophobia” claims.  However religion is a straw man for their anti-faith arguments.  The painful truth for SSM activists is that most of the reasons behind leaving the definition of marriage as-is are not based on faith at all, and they know it, but that wont stop them from leveling their guns on religion.

The list below was taken from www.americanthinker.com and outlines 10 non-religious reasons why the definition of marriage should remain one man and one woman.  For a full description of each reason visit the link above.

  1. To reproduce, nature favors heterosexuality, not homosexuality.
  2. Nature teaches us to build the family unit and honor gender differences.
  3. The essence of marriage is intelligible — it makes the most sense.
  4. Childless heterosexual married couples reinforce marriage, not redefine it.
  5. Traditional marriage is strong, as is.
  6. Some certainties should not be rejected or fundamentally transformed.
  7. History and democracy matter.
  8. Preserving traditional marriage is a virtue, not “homophobia” or bigotry.
  9. Upholding standards against other redefinitions is necessary.
  10. Unmarried civil union is a fair and reasonable compromise.

These arguments clearly illustrate that leaving the definition of marriage as one man and one woman is essential to stable civil society.  If you agree please click here to take action now for the preservation of marriage in Rhode Island.

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