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It’s Not Bias It’s Science!

Same-sex marriage advocates in Rhode Island are making the argument that children raised by same-sex guardians are as well adjusted as those with a mother and a father, and that there are no adverse effects on children from being raised in such an environment.  However, a study published in the well-respected journal Social Science Research in June of 2012 shows the exact opposite.

Below is an image addressing just some of the points from the study, which show that children with same-sex guardians are more likely to be confused about their sexuality, and are more than twice as likely to find themselves in therapy as adults.  Children raised in same-sex environments have also been found to be twice as likely to be unemployed in their adult life and three times as likely to be unfaithful in relationships.

This study is not biased or propaganda as same-sex marriage advocates would have you believe, but has been published in a respected social science journal.

Social Science Research children and same-sex marriage

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