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Will Rhode Islanders Hold the Line Against SSM?

Proponents of same-sex marriage in Rhode Island repeatedly use the argument that the proposed legislation to redefine marriage is about “equal rights”. But same-sex couples already have the exact same rights and benefits as every other married couple in Rhode Island, which were granted in the civil unions bill in 2011.

So CBN News asks the question of the hour: Will Rhode Islanders keep this in mind and stand their ground against redefining marriage for all citizens?

…Close to 1,000 Rhode Islanders crammed into the Providence statehouse last week, hoping to send a message.

“It should be defined men and women, men and women,” Luis Hernandez, who supports traditional marriage, said.

Chris Plante, with the National Organization for Marriage in Rhode Island, said lawmakers are listening to their constituents on this one. And, he added, they should not be swayed by talk of equality.

“This is not about equality or rights because both those rights and equality were granted in the civil unions bill in 2011 where same-sex couples were granted all the rights and benefits of married couples in Rhode Island,” Plante said.

As matters stand, the House gay marriage bill would strip Rhode Islanders of their religious freedom on the issue., That’s because it contains no protection for faith groups, counselors or wedding venders who oppose gay marriage.

Already in nearby Vermont, a lesbian couple sued an inn that refused to support their gay wedding.

There’s no doubt the pressure is on. For years, this smallest state in the union has remained the one regional holdout against gay marriage.

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