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Does the Proposed Same-Sex Marriage Bill Protect Your Religious Liberties?

Religious leaders are voicing their concerns over the proposed bill to redefine marriage in Rhode Island …and what it could mean for your religious freedoms. For example, the proposed legislation does not protect people of faith in Rhode Island who serve as justices, judges, or court commissioners.

One News Now:

A bill to legalize homosexual “marriage” in Rhode Island is already at the stage of committee meetings as sponsors try to push it through the state legislature. Alliance Defending Freedom is concerned over the lack of religious protections in the bill.

“Religious freedom belongs to everyone, not just a handful of people,” [ADF attorney Kellie Fiedorek] offers in a statement provided to OneNewsNow. “The government cannot limit constitutionally protected religious liberties in a way that’s foreign to our Constitution. This bill fails to ensure that those liberties of every Rhode Island citizen will be respected. The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom for all Americans is not limited to the four walls of a church.”

…Another provision in H. 5015 prohibits penalties against churches and religious denominations that oppose same-gender marriage, but it fails to protect businesses operated by people of faith and Christian counselors who do pre- or post-marriage counseling.

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