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10 People Who Will Decide the Fate of Marriage in Rhode Island

GoLocalProv has put together a list of 10 key players who will impact the decision on same-sex marriage this year. NOM-RI’s own Christopher Plante made the list at #8:

  1. Gordon Fox, Speaker of the House – Perhaps the most outspoken proponent of gay marriage on Capitol Hill and the first openly gay House speaker in the United States. Took heat in 2011 when he made a push for civil unions in Rhode Island.
  2. M. Teresa Paiva Weed, Senate President — Has opposed same-sex marriage in the past and “will be at the front and center of the debate.”
  3. Ray Sullivan, Executive Director of Marriage Equality of RI – For six years as a State Representative from 2004-2010, co-sponsored SSM legislation and tried to get it passed in Rhode Island.
  4. Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of the Diocese of Providence – Has emerged as one of the leading voices in Rhode Island against same sex marriage. Tobin will no doubt be very active publically if, and when, a decision looms on the legislation.
  5. Lincoln Chafee, Governor of Rhode Island — Supports same-sex marriage, saying last week that lawmakers should be allowed to decide the issue … and a veto by him on any bill to avoid a vote at the General Assembly level would be a big setback to those who support sending the measure to the polls. (see more why that veto is unconstitutional)
  6. Michael McCaffrey, District 29 Senator (Warwick) — Is opposed to gay marriage. His win in a September primary over challenger Laura Pisaturo was viewed as a key setback for the bill’s chances in that chamber.
  7. Donna Nesselbush, District 15 Senator (Pawtucket, North Providence) — Openly gay senator who has taken up the fight for same sex marriage in the Senate and introduced the bill to that chamber last week. Says the issue is one that is “intensely personal” for her.
  8. Christopher Plante, National Organization for Marriage-RI Regional Coordinator – Plante and his organization have already begun gathering support to block the bill currently before the House, saying it “threatens to fundamentally redefine marriage, the most basic building block of civil society in Rhode Island.”
  9. William Conley, District 18 Senator (East Providence, Pawtucket) – One of the biggest question marks in the entire gay marriage debate in Rhode Island, William Conley, a first-time senator, has yet to come out publically in favor of or against the social issue
  10. Paul Jabour, District 5 Senator (Providence) – During last year’s election, Jabour said he personally opposes gay marriage but would keep his personal politics out of the decision, choosing instead to base his vote on how his community feels.

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