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The Inconvenient Truth About the Progressive Lobby for Same-Sex Marriage

Travis Rowley, the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left, had some inconvenient truths to share this week about same-sex marriage advocates.

Rowley takes the shine off of the radical politically correct proponents of Rhode Island’s proposed legislation to redefine marriage, pointing out the viciousness of the “programmed progressive response” that greets those who choose any line of thought that doesn’t fit into their established social order.

The issue, as Rowley puts it, is that the liberal establishment has created a public discourse where only those who fit into the prescribed progressive social order are allowed to speak. Those who oppose the redefinition of marriage are silenced, and a web of mistruth is woven around them to ensure they don’t interfere with the path chosen for the country by the politically powerful.

A manipulation of the truth is currently being pushed in Rhode Island, that somehow a vote in favor of same-sex marriage will create an economic boom. Political advocates of the new legislation know that the economic situation in Rhode Island, indeed the whole country, is of utmost importance to voters. With that in mind, proponents of same-sex marriage have crafted this argument as a way to latch on to what’s important to Americans and citizens of Rhode Island. However, as Rowley points out, this is a manipulation of the general public’s emotions rather than being grounded in history, logic, debate or reason.

You can read Rowley’s complete thoughts at local Rhode Island news site golocalprov.com.

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