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TAKE ACTION: Come Show Your Support for Marriage at the State House!

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Dear NOMRI supporter,

The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee has announced a hearing to consider a bill on same-sex marriage next week. We need Rhode Islanders willing to stand up for marriage to come out to the State House on Tuesday and show our legislators that we want marriage preserved and protected!

The hearing will be held on January 15th at approximately 5:00 PM, in Room 313 of the Rhode Island State House. Will you come out and show your support so that the Committee Members see that Rhode Islanders believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman? Perhaps you might even be willing to volunteer to offer testimony at the hearing?

Parking at the State House is available at the Providence Place Mall in the State Side Lot. Please consider being part of the pro-marriage presence at that State House that day—now is the time we must rally together if we don’t want to see marriage redefined!

Meanwhile, as the legislators plan their hearing, there’s an important message that every Rhode Islander needs to hear:

Defending marriage does not make anyone anti-gay. Rhode Island respects all its citizens. But it’s time we respect marriage and say no to political efforts to redefine it.

And it’s a big lie to claim that same-sex marriage won’t affect everyone.

You and I already know this, so this week we took to the airwaves, delivering this message to voters all across the state in a series of new radio ads.

We need to take this message to every Rhode Island voter. Please click here to help us keep these ads on the air with a gift of $25, $50, or even $100 or more!

Rhode Island politicians backing same-sex marriage claim that they will protect religious liberty even while fundamentally redefining our most important social institution. But experience elsewhere has shown that this just isn’t true — there will be consequences, and people of faith will pay the price first.

Religious service providers have been forced to allow same-sex ceremonies in their facilities, even though it goes against their beliefs. Small businesses are continually being sued, individuals fired and suspended. And pastors and priests are punished for publicly pronouncing their faith.

When marriage is changed, it’s soon taught to young children in school. Second graders forced to read books about men marrying other men, showing them kissing: this is the legacy of legalized same-sex marriage in other states! And courts have ruled that parents have no right to notification of this instruction or to opt their children out of it!

Marriage is not about what adults want for themselves; it’s about what’s best for children. Marriage is a unique relationship. By definition, it’s the union of a man and a woman, because only the union of men and women can produce children. Society needs marriage because children need both a mother and a father.

I need your help to spread the word today. Please give whatever you can to support our efforts today, and we’ll make sure that the voters of Rhode Island know that their legislators are trying to dismantle marriage, and what this means for our faith communities, our businesses, and especially our children.

Please forward this email to friends and family across Rhode Island, as well, urging them to pass it on again. Or use the buttons below to share this item on Facebook or Twitter.

Together, we can get the word out to the people of Rhode Island that marriage is worth fighting for, worth protecting, and speak truth to power in Providence! And together, we can stand for marriage on January 15th while the House Judiciary Committee meets to consider a bill to redefine marriage, and show them that the voters of Rhode Island want marriage defended, not redefined!


Christopher Plante
Regional Coordinator
National Organization for Marriage
10 Dorrence Street, Suite 503
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
Tel: 401-228-7602
Mobile: 401-954-7173
Fax: 866-363-5303

P.S. Your help is crucially important to our being able to keep these ads on the air so that our positive message about marriage is heard across the state. Please come out to the State House on January 15th and show our leaders in Providence that Rhode Island stands for marriage! And anything you can afford to give today, I promise you, will be put to immediate good use, and have a lasting impact!

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This message has been authorized and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage, 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006, Brian Brown, President. This message has not been authorized or approved by any candidate.

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