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Now is the Time – It Starts With You

Dear Rhode Island Declaration Supporter,

As you probably have heard and read, same-sex marriage activists are once again attempting to redefine marriage for all Rhode Islanders this year, starting with the introduction of Representative Art Handy’s same-sex marriage bill yesterday afternoon.

Despite what you have read and heard, the redefinition of marriage is not inevitable in Rhode Island; there is a clear path to victory for those who believe that this unique and blessed institution is defined as the union of one man and one woman. But that path starts now, and it starts with you calling your representative today.

We won’t lie to you, the fight over marriage in the House of Representatives will be a difficult one. But we have a great coalition, with many groups working together to protect marriage and preserve it for the generations to come.

Here’s the bottom line: We need you today to call your Representative and tell him or her, “Don’t Redefine Marriage. Vote ‘No’ on Representative Handy’s same-sex marriage bill.”

If you do not know your Representatives contact information, here is a link to this year’s roster, complete with phone numbers, email addresses, and links to their personal biographies.

A call will take just a few minutes of your time, and you don’t need to be eloquent. Just tell your representative, “Don’t redefine marriage. Vote ‘No’ on Representative Handy’s bill.”

Please stop what you are doing and make the call NOW. The fight to preserve marriage starts now and it starts with you.

Thank you.

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