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Civil Unions: It’s Not Too Late to Make Your Voice Heard

It’s not too late to make your voice heard on the Civil Unions bill. 

Send emails to the Committee and Senate Leadership right now by using this easy link.  Tell them to vote “No” on HB 6103 AND to support the “inseverability,” definition of marriage, and religious liberties amendments.

This afternoon the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on HB 6103 as amended.  Frankly, it is expected to pass the committee, not for principled reasons but because of the political horse-trading that has been going on throughout the legislative session.

However, there is still a question as to what happens after the committee vote.  In broad strokes there are two potential paths:

  1. The bill is voted out of committee at 3:30 and transmitted directly to the floor for a full vote.  The procedural landscape favors this course of action, particularly if we are successful in getting any of our amendments into the bill.
  2. The bill is voted out committee at 3:30 but then is held while Senate Leadership waits to see what happens with other bills of interest, i.e. Binding Arbitration.

In either case we need to keep up the pressure and prayers.  Email the Committee and Leadership now. 

Also, please forward this email to your friends and family.  Voices and prayers are the tools of the day.  Marriage and religious liberties need your protection.

If you prefer to call the Committee Members, here is a list of their contact information.

Committee Member Email Telephone
 Senator Maryellen Goodwin mailto:sen-goodwin@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 272-3102
  Senator Rhoda E. Perry mailto:sen-perry@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 751-7165
  Senator Paul V. Jabour    sen-jabour@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 751-3300
  Senator Harold M. Metts    sen-metts@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 272-0112
  Senator Donna M. Nesselbush    sen-nesselbush@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 728-3244
  Senator Michael J. McCaffrey    sen-mccaffrey@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 739-7576
  Senator William A. Walaska    sen-walaska@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 737-1065
  Senator Erin P. Lynch    sen-lynch@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 739-8500
  Senator Glenford J. Shibley    sen-shibley@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 222-2708
  Senator Dawson T. Hodgson    sen-hodgson@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 203-3256
  Senator M. Teresa Paiva Weed    sen-paivaweed@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 222-6655
  Senator Dominick J. Ruggerio    sen-ruggerio@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 222-3310
  Senator Dennis L. Algiere    sen-algiere@rilin.state.ri.us   (401) 222-2708

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